NAME is...
  1. a sauvignon with a perfume of piƱa coladas, an overly sweet riesling and a chardonnay so oaky it tasted as if it had been aged in a box of No. 2 pencils.
  2. a nonvintage tawny port that reminded me of long-abandoned Halloween candy, with hints of Skittles and off-brand caramels.
  3. delightful, barrel-aged, full bodied, with distinct pineapple & honeysuckle aromas; good blend of wood & fruit with a hint of sweetness.
  4. rich & fruity, underpinned by a generous amount of smoky oak; nice structured tannins penetrating ripe cherry nuances
  5. elegant, yet approachable; peppery with a cherry aroma and hints of chocolate, rounded out by a great balance of oak & tannins
  6. intense, a purple red color, cherries, plums, cedar, vanilla, well-structured & complex, rich with smooth tannins & deeply flavored
  7. a luscious pure pleasure. Black cherry, and tobacco notes burst into textured fruit flavors followed by spicy black pepper and well-defined beautiful finish.
  8. an inviting bowl of plump & juicy sweet berries with a splash of shiraz. Exciting, off-dry and enjoyed at room temperature or chilled on a warm summer day
  9. very elegant, fresh style, combines a subtle oak spice with tobacco, dark chocolate and a hint of autumn dry-leaf aromas in the background.
  10. Well-structured with a velvety smooth palate and firm mature tannin. Serve with roast duck breast.
  11. has both intensity and concentration. A wild berry core is enhanced with hints of chocolate and mossy earthiness. A mid-weight wine, slightly tart and not too heavy
  12. A good man can make you feel like you can take on the world.... Oh no sorry.. No... Its wine.... wine does that.
  13. Wine is my Valentine.
  14. I want to go on a cleanse, but then wine happens.
  15. I don't know the question, but wine is definitely the answer.
  16. I used to care but now I have a glass of wine instead.
  17. It's not a hangover, it's wine flu.
  18. I drink wine because I don't like to keep things bottled up.
  19. Wine. How classy people get shitfaced.
  20. A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world..  
  21. Screw the wine glass, just hand me the bottle.
  22. For an instantly happy woman just add wine.
  23. Some days, no matter what the question is, the answer is always wine.
  24. Wine is like a 'Clear history' button for your brain.
  25. I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food. :)
  26. (Name) wants to go someplace warm where the beer flows like wine
  27. our lips are like wine; I wanna get drunk.
  28. Wine. Because no great story starts by drinking water.
  29.  Went for a jog after work. Just kidding, I went and bought a bottle of wine.
  30.  Love is the wine of existence. Henry Ward Beecher
  31.  I tried cooking with wine for the first time last night ...After 5 glasses I forgot why I was in the kitchen.
  32.  My mind says Victoria Secret model, but my heart says chocolate, wine, food.
  33.  Dear Jesus, I can afford wine. How about you start turning water into gas?
  34.  I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age. The next day, she locked me in the cellar.
  35.  A REAL BOYFRIEND - loves her, spoils her, wine her, dine her, kiss her, wife her, appreciate all of her, respects her and makes her happy.
  36.  The lady told me to make myself at home, so I shotgunned a bottle of wine, masturbated then cried myself to sleep. Best job interview ever!
  37.  I enjoy a glass of Wine each night for it's health benefits! The rest of the bottle is for my flawless dance moves, and to make you look more appealling!
  38.  A person may be inherently wise or experienced, but that means little or nothing if he/she is perceived as a fool. I, on the other hand, am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. ~ Combination of The Princess Bride and "Building Pathology, An Introduction"
  39.  So what if Jesus turned water into wine... I turned a whole student loan into beer once. your move Jesus.
  40.  Cop: ''Sir, what's in the bottle next to you? Me: ''It's water'' Cop: ''Sir, this is wine'' Me: ''What? Jesus! He did it again!''
  41.  Cop: ''Sir, what's in the bottle?'' Me: ''It's water.'' Cop: ''Sir, this is wine.'' Me: ''What? That Jesus! He did it again!''
  42.  Cop: Ma'am, what's in the bottle? Me: Just some water. Cop: Ma'am that's wine... Me: Jesus did it again!!
  43.  I’m having fruit salad for dinner. Well, it’s mostly grapes actually. Okay, all grapes. Fermented grapes. I’m having wine for dinner.
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