Here is the full list of Facebook smileys for you to use in Facebook chat! After a few days research I’ve managed to find all of them – so here they are. Which is your favourite emoticon? Would you like to see any others? Maybe you can leave a comment and then we can discuss the Facebook smileys together!

facebook-smileys-wootFacebook chat woot smiley – O.o
I mean…what the hell did you just say? I can’t believe you said that! Wooooot?! This is the face to give when your chat buddy just dropped the bomb on you!

facebook-smileys-wink-kissFacebook kiss smiley – :*
The Facebook chat smiley for kissing is one of the least romantic (but most effective) emotes there are. Send this to your boyfriend or girlfriend and watch them melt into the screen!
facebook-smileys-winkFacebook chat wink smiley – ;)
A wink smilie can mean a lot of things, but if you want to make sure that your message comes across loud and clear then send this one to the other side!

Facebook chat tongue smiley – :p
In some countries, sticking out your tongue can be very rude – but in the world of Facebook it is not at all annoying! It just means that you want the person you’re chatting to can take a joke, and you can give one!

Facebook chat sunglasses smiley – 8-|
Some people like to wear sunglasses inside the house, and other people like to beat them up for it! Now you can continue the tradition of putting cool shades on your emote face by using these sunglasses.
Facebook chat smiling smiley – :)
Well, there’s nothing more traditional than this smiley! It’s a common grin, and it is used in every single chat system that has ever been invented! That includes Facebook chat!
Facebook chat happy eyes smiley – ^_^
If you like to watch cartoons set in Asia, then you’ve probably seen these cute eyes before. Inspired by the east, pefected in the west – this happy eyes smiley emoticon can get you a lot of affection online!
Facebook sad smileys – :(
Don’t get mad, get even! Don’t get sad, get the sad smiley emoticon! This little face can show perfectly if what your friend has told you is completely depressing and rude…but don’t let them see you down!
Facebook chat robot smiley – :|]
Voted one of the top five coolest smilies for Facebook chat, the robot is a hark back to times that were a little more innocent, when we didn’t know that there was a huge range of machines ready to come and take over the world (or at least our homes). The robot smiley can lead you to the future!
Facebook Putnam smiley – :putnam:
This looks like a man’s face…because it is a man’s face! The Putnam emoticon is a reference to the chat engineer who used to work at Facebook, and now has his big head involved in the software forever!
Facebook pacman smiley – :v
The Pacman smiley can make any gamer grin with pleasure – it’s a reference to the 1980′s coin-op machine which made huge numbers of teenagers lose all of their spare money by continually going to the arcades to play. Viva la history!
Facebook heart smileys – <3 data-blogger-escaped-strong="">
This icon is one that you can use forever – it can show everyone that your heart is in the right place (even if your mind is elsewhere!). Send this heart to your family, friends or colleagues to give them some love when they need it!
Facebook chat happy eyes smiley – ^_^
If you like to watch cartoons set in Asia, then you’ve probably seen these cute eyes before. Inspired by the east, pefected in the west – this happy eyes smiley emoticon can get you a lot of affection online!
Facebook chat glasses smiley – 8)
If you wear glasses, you may have been the victim of bullying at some time or another. Not any more. The Facebook smiley for glasses is now your super defence in the fight against annoying people who make your life hell – you can paste it into your chats and show people that you now are the coolest person around!
Facebook chat gasp smiley – :o
If you have heard some rumous or gossip that have blown your mind, then why not use the gasping emoticon on Facebook to show everyone that you just can not believe what has happened!
Facebook chat errr smiley – :/
I’ve made this face in real life about twenty five times already today – and every dumb person I see it just rises again and again. The “errrrr what the hell are you talking about” face is a classic!
Facebook chat doh smiley – >:-(
If you’ve ever seen The Simpson’s, then you know that America’s first family has a father who can not stop saying the phrase ‘doh’! Now you can do a face which looks just like this one!
Facebook devil smiley – 3:)
This naughty little devil emoticon is one which you can use to show that you’ve been bad, good or sexy! It’s up to you! Just make sure that you’re not religious!
Facebook chat crying smiley – :’(
If you want to show that you’ve never been more hurt, emotionally or physically, then why not insert this crying face into your Facebook chats.
Facebook chat cat smile smiley – :3
If you want to show that you’re happy inside and outside, then this little cat faced icon is perfect for you.
Facebook big smile smiley – :D
One of the most well known emotes that there is on the internet, the big mouth smiley can be used to show that you are completely happy with the situation!
Facebook chat angel smiley – O:)
I know you’re not the devil, and you know – so why don’t you show everyone that in reality you are an OK person – the angel smiley is for you! If you’re not that innocent however…don’t use it!
Facebook chat aiya smiley – >:o
Sometimes you need to tell people that you can’t believe what you said!
Facebook shark smiley – (^^^)
One of the latest smileys that Facebook has introduced, the shark emoticon is one of the coolest and most fun ones there is! It looks like the character Jaws from the 1980s movie – so don’t get bitten!
Facebook penguin smiley – <(")
If you want to use a big cute character for your smiley then look no further than the penguin! It’s a cute face and you can use it in your Facebook chats and confuse everyone you speak to!
Well, there are all of the possible Facebook smileys that you can use in your chats online! Don’t be shy – use them all today and impress and amaze your friends!

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